Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is and has been Synegi’s forte for many years now. When backups alone aren’t enough to guarantee your recovery point objective (RPO) and/or recovery time objective (RTO), you need solutions that will provide availability of your data with little to no downtime. Every environment is different, each with their own SLA’s. There are many solutions available on the market today that will help you achieve your business continuity goals. Synegi has designed, implemented and supported solutions from the following vendors.

Software based disaster recovery solutions:

Vision’s High Availability and Disaster Recovery solutions have been trusted for more than two decades and were among the first replication software products ever created. Today’s HA/DR solutions from Vision are ready to scale and handle any challenge, on any platform, in any combination of physical, virtual or cloud servers.
Vision Solutions

From simple backups to bare metal recovery, Recovery solutions from Symantec, CA and Commvault provide just about anything you’ll need to recover from a disaster.
CA ArcServe

Recovery solutions differ when it comes to Virtual Infrastructures. Solutions such as VEEAM not only offer backup protection of your VMs, but also include replication features with failover/failback functionality that will replicate your VMs to an offsite location or cloud provider.

For VMware environments only, learn how SRM (site recovery manager) can protect your entire virtual infrastructure, by leveraging VM replication by way of VMware replicator or Array based replication.
VMware SRM

Hardware based disaster recovery solutions:

Most storage platforms can be configured for SAN to SAN volume/data replication, either synchronously or asynchronously depending on platform. Find out how you can leverage the different technologies available to meet your recovery requirement from the following vendors:
Nimble storage

Backup appliances from Barracuda networks allow for data to be recovered locally and/or from the cloud. Customers with Instant Replacement subscriptions entitles them to receive a new appliance pre-loaded with the latest replicated backup data from the cloud in case of appliance failure. Learn more: Barracuda Networks

Leverage the cloud as a secure, durable storage location accessible from anywhere with Internet access. Free read only Whitewater appliances deliver fast data recovery without the costs of a dedicated DR site.
Riverbed Whitewater