Capacity Planning

Capacity planning is an essential part of the virtualization process. With common tools and programs, such as VMware Capacity Planner, It gives us an in-depth view of your environment in terms of current resource utilization (CPU utilization/Memory Consumption/Storage I/O and utilization/Network utilization) from your physical servers. After analyzing the metrics gathered from these tools and programs, we then make a recommendations on new server, network and storage solutions to virtualize your infrastructure upon. Costs for such solutions can vary depending on performance needs. We understand that funding such a project becomes a problem for most companies, but we do our utmost to provide you the best solution possible for your budget.

If you’re curious as to what your current utilization is in your environment or would like to get started with your virtualization project, please contact Synegi and one of our knowledgeable salesmen will provide you more information and quote for our services.