Case Studies

Giant Bicycles

Giant Bicycle is one of Synegi’s most longstanding customers.  For close to 12 years, Synegi has been providing various consulting services in regards to software installations/configurations, workstations, servers, switches, firewalls/routers, storage and so on.  Giant Bicycles, an international company, has its corporate office located Newbury Park California and has remote offices in other states of the US, Canada, Mexico and Taiwan.  All of Giant Bicycle’s resources (servers, data, etc.) are located in Newbury Park with all of the remote locations connected via a VPN tunnel.  Recently, Giant approached Synegi as it was time to upgrade the outdated hardware and software.  Also, the advent of newer mobile devices not being able to connect to network resources became a problem.  Data growth along with backing up tape was also drawing concern as storage space was becoming scarce and backup windows were increasing.  Along with addressing these issues, another company concern was to segregate network devices into VLANs.  The current switching infrastructure was dated and there was concern from a support standpoint to get it upgraded as well.

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R.D. Olson Development

R. D. Olson Development was looking to consolidate their server infrastructure as well as upgrade server application software in tandem.  The server hardware was becoming outdated and R. D. Olson Development was wanting to utilize resources available on their existing virtual infrastructure from their parent company, R. D. Olson Construction.  The R. D. Olson Development network consisted of 4 physical HP servers (a combination of DL380 and DL360 G5 servers consisting of 1 Windows 2003 Domain controller, 1 Exchange 2003 Server, 1 Windows 2003 File server and 1 Windows 2003 Terminal Server)  along with 10-20 users, both in house and remote.  The company wanted to upgrade their Windows infrastructure, including Exchange, to take advantage of new features from both an operating system and application perspective as well as support for newer mobile devices.

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