We all share a common goal when it comes to backups; we want it done fast and we want them to be reliable. Every organization’s requirement is different in terms of backup procedure and media use (Tape, VTL, disk to disk, cloud, etc.). Learn how can achieve your backup goals by using solutions from the leading software and hardware vendors in the market.

Software based backup solutions:

CA ArcServe
CA ARCserve provides comprehensive protection, recovery and availability of your physical and virtual systems, applications and data that live onsite, offsite or in the cloud. It helps you reduce business disruptions caused by system downtime and data loss.

Recognized as an industry leader, CommVault® has redefined enterprise backup and recovery to help speed recovery, reduce costs and simplify operations. As the foundation for a modern approach to data protection, Simpana software transcends the limitations of legacy approaches and point products by integrating application awareness with hardware snapshots, indexing, global deduplication, replication, search, and reporting, all within a single platform.

Symantec Backup Exec 
Protect more, store less and save more with the Symantec Backup Exec Family. It delivers reliable data and Windows Server backup designed for your business. Learn more about our file backup software now.

Whether you have thousands of VMs or just a handful, Veeam’s purpose-built backup is the best choice for your VMware, Hyper-V or mixed hypervisor environment.
View our VEEAM page for more information.

Hardware/Appliance based backup solutions:

Barracuda Networks Backup Solutions
The Barracuda Backup combines a plug-and-play appliance for onsite backups with cloud and private cloud disc-based replication to quickly and securely store data in multiple locations off-site.

Overland Storage Disk and Tape Solutions
Overland Storage solutions provide your data center with a comprehensive, data archival strategy from the initial capture of data, to multisite replication for disaster recovery purposes, to the long-term and lowest cost per gigabyte archival of that data—and all the tools to automate and to accelerate the whole process.

Quantum Disk and Tape Solutions
Quantum DXi disk-based backup with deduplication is ideal for fast backups and can reduce storage requirements by 90 percent or more. But when you need to store data for several years, Quantum Scalar® tape libraries are a smart long-term retention solution because of their low cost of ownership, encryption capabilities, portability for disaster recovery, and durability. Plus, you can simplify your data management with StorNext software that streamlines file access and archiving.

Riverbed Whitewater
Whitewater cloud storage appliances allow organizations of all sizes to eliminate their dependence on tape based technologies to modernize their data protection systems and streamline IT operations. By leveraging the cloud’s pay-for-use pricing model, data durability and anywhere availability, organizations can dramatically reduce their data protection costs, while improving disaster recovery readiness and generating a fast return on their investment.